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Do you remember the personalized bottle campaign launched by Coke? This summer, Pepsi is introducing the #PepsiMoji to consumers in at least 100 marketplaces.  A lovely bright yellow face will appear everywhere, from cans to bottles, from Pepsi Max to Diet. It inherits Pepsi Logo of circular structure and dominant color (yellow, blue, red and white). Compared to more conservative on the packaging of Pepsi, Coke launched nicknames bottles, lyrics bottles and lines bottle in the past three summers and won the consumers’ hearts successfully. However, Pepsi is fighting back by #PepsiMoji.

According to the 2015 third quarter financial statement results, net profit of Pepsi has been down 73% off. In general, not only Pepsi, but also the whole carbonated beverage market are in decline due to the healthy dinning trend.


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Pepsi’s global Innovation Center has designed  hundreds of Emojis according to the different regions of culture. For instance, in Thai market, Grand palace, Tom Yum Kung soup, Thai national flag will be used as elements in those Emoji. Those Emojis should not only be cute, but also correspond to a variety of scenarios which can visually convey consumers’ emotions. Pepsi wants consumers to communicate with others by using those Emojis.

1456303150582849Pepsi designs a number of local cultural Emojis for Thai market
The proposal by #PepsiMoji
Bee+Selfie by #PepsiMoji

Emoji will be applied beyond packaging this year. Pepsi plans to work with the famous fashion designer Jeremy Scotte to design six kinds of sunglasses using PepsiMoji. Pepsi always likes doing cross-border design and has never been out of fashion in science and technology. During the past years, Pepsi has introduced shoes, sounds and cellphones. With the increasing recognition in the market, Pepsi is possible to introduce other peripheral products by using PepsiMoji.


Sunglasses by PepsiMoji

Let’s 「Say It with Pepsi」this summer😊😉😍😏😚.

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